Promotion Service

General Sales Agent(GSA)
We are acting as a General Sales Agent on behalf of Airlines , hotels, and Tourist board , who would like to market into Japan, with conducting marketing and sales activity to travel trade.
A) Seminars - Marketing your products as part of special travel packages.
- Semi –annual seminars are held of travel planners, counter sales staff etc. In conveniently located hotels in central Tokyo and Osaka with 50-100 participants.
B) Familiarization /Study Tours - Familiarization /study tours are arranged to attracted travel –trade personnel to the area you are marketing.
- Such tour averaging 3-5 days in length are planned in competition with airlines and tourist board.
C) Reception and cocktail parties - A carefully planned list of the most influential guest is the key to success in this popular activity. Venue. Beverages and food, too, play an important role.
D) Trade and business shows - A relatively inexpensive way to reach a large audience
- Careful selection of brochure, giveaways. etc. to distributed at trade shows in important
- Also o prime concern are the set-up and staffing of the booth , designing and executing the displays and so forth
Inbound tour handling
Are provided throughout Japan for inbound group and FIT.

Factory / auction inspection
Will be arranged for wide range field of factory inspection, and visiting.

Inspiring Japan / Japan Exchange program
School exchange program provides student from overseas with optometry in visiting Japanese school sharing time together.

Home stay program in local city
Student experience home stay with family in local city , to have warm hospitality with host family in beautiful nature and culture.